Fear is a beast, don't let it eat you
You'll get stuck between it's teeth and I promise they will crush you
Swallow you, digest you, and finally go and shit you
Fear is a horrifying monster, holly fuck don't let it eat you

Cause every day your not living you are quickly dying
From a life of trying to put out fires so tired of trying
In this place where poor decisions and consequences keep colliding
Everyday you don't let yourself live... you are dying

Go hold hands with a stranger, they may really need it
Tell them that you love them, but really mean it
It's not just for them, whens the last time you said it?
Go hold hands with someone you don't know you never know how it could save them

Then throw you life into what you believe in
If you don't you'll never be nothing
Get rid of all those things that hold you back because you don't need them
then through your life into whatever it is that you believe in

I tried, I'm tired.
of putting out Fires.


from Choose Your Own Album Title, track released July 9, 2015
Icarus - Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar
Ryan Hammer - Washboard
William Wiskes - Accordion
Dave Crager - Horn
Green - Bass
Scott Steven Erickson - Trombone



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