The Road Less Travelled

from by Pigeon Parade



A song about the traveling and the social and logically paradoxes it raises within our culture, and despite that fallacy, being incapable to choose a different lifestyle, umwelt, or paradimn.


The Road Less Travelled


The winters a splinter in my mind
That shivers down my spine
Telling me its time to go down south
And so the calendar is bleeding
Seasons screaming for a meaning
The cold wind reminds us our time is running out

So we put the car in drive
To prove that we’re alive
If we ever stop moving we may cease to exist
Cause We have this disorder
Where We have to cross the boarders
When We don’t my feet start to itch

How can you escape?
A life condemned to run in place
Trapped in a torrid, it matters not the pace your run
Because the lines on the maps
Are a freshly woven trap
These cities are spiders, how thirst for our blood.


The malleability of life
Leaks little liquid lights
It will both grace you and bring you to your knees
Cause your heart is an animal,
Beautiful yet fallible
Still all good things are wild and free

Though the years will whittle you down until you’ll die
Don’t turn your back on your own life
Remember everyone’s an exile, a refugee, a wretch
Running from someone or something
Pulling meanings out of nothings
Stealing Liberation from hopelessness is not simple theft

Were resentful were resilient
Were beautiful were brilliant
Thriving between the cracks of this world OH how it’s cracking!
Drifting in and out of meaning
And the feeling is so freeing
We can be anything we want without having to be anything


I will not be muzzled
Trying to figure out this puzzle
Curiosity killed the cat and now its coming for me!
Life’s a candid godless mess
But still must profess
I’m still searching for the operator of this machine!

I’ve get towns stuck between my toes
As I go skipping down the road
Though I know something isn’t right
There still something missing or
Something more worth wishing for
And I will search for it for the rest of my life

The road less travelled
is beautiful and bedazzled
Your life is a wildfire just waiting to ignite!
But no heat will ever satisfy,
Those flames that call from beneath your eyes
So I’ll be searching for a better way to burn through this world for the rest of my liiiiiiiiiiife


from Choose Your Own Album Title, track released July 9, 2015
Icarus - Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar
Ryan Hammer - Washboard,
William Wiskes - Accordion
Dave Crager - Horn
Green - Bass
Scott Steven Erickson - Trombone



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Pigeon Parade Olympia, Washington

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