The Sadness of the Swamp (House)

from by Pigeon Parade



Song about haunting the house of your ex-lover


The sadness of the swamp

The skeletons have come out of the closet
Bones brittle but honest
Now they’re waltzing around the living room
Why they dance were unsure
Its so wretched so horrid
They dance downtrodden the doom

They yearn to be alive
Have light fill their eyes
And their bones once more with flesh upon it
I raise them from the dead
But you cut off their heads
And send them back to the closet

Our seeds sown we do reap
Are the secretes we keep
They drain the light from the room; now black as a pit
Trapped and afraid
Trying to escape
But your phantasms have sealed the exits

Your specter comes dirging down the stairs
With your dead-eyed vacant stare
Displacing my figure you recall who I am
I call out your name
But your deaf, blind and lame
You say “now to slaughter a lamb”

You opened your mouth
A demon crawled out
Grinning: “I’m going to kill you”
I begged him to stop
I was praying to god
He said: “there’s no god in this room”

I could tell he took pleasure
As he bound me with leather
He whistled a little tune
I was squirming and twisting
I begged to keep living
He said: “the only life worth living is one that will kill you”

It was a torture I cannot describe
He pulled the life from my eyes
He took his sweet time working up to my heart
He abused it, he squeezed it
He refused to release it
Till I vowed to let it be fill with your Dark

Then like a black lotus budding
That darkness came flooding
I was consumed by the sadness of our swamp
He opened my throat
And like that I was a ghost
He said: “now this is your house to haunt”

And so now I’m cursed forever
To haunt the house of my ex-lover
And listen to that demon’s insufferable tune
And the words that he said
To ring in my head
“The only life worth living is one that will kill you”
“The only love worth having is one that will kill you”


from Choose Your Own Album Title, track released July 9, 2015
Icarus - Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar
Ryan Hammer - Washboard, Whistling
William Wiskes - Accordion
Dave Crager - Horn
Green - Bass
Scott Steven Erickson - Trombone



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Pigeon Parade Olympia, Washington

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